Kajsa Cramer has a passion for craftsmanship with simple, genuine and durable design. The touch of the artist’s hands are visible in each creation, making them personal and unique. Thus, the perfection in the products lie in their imperfections.

Kajsa Cramer mug - stripe on top


This beautiful mug is a perfect coffee mug, but can also be used as a bowl or votive since the clay is slightly transparent. Made of glazed white clay with hand painted black stripes. The mug is molded with an uneven finish.


Some facts about the porcelain clay:
The tableware collection Patchy is produced using highest quality porcelain clay, fired at around 1300℃; the highest temperature of all clays. The clay is so compact that the object doesn't need any glazing in order to hold liquid, and it is strong and durable since the clay gets very hard. Resembles bone china. 

  • Handmade
  • Dishwasher save
  • Dimensions approx. 8x10cm.
  • Holds approx. 300cl.


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Kajsa Cramer Mug Stripe on Top

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kajsa cramer handmade saucer black
Kajsa Cramer handmade saucer white
Kajsa Cramer handmade bowl black