Ting goods

Ting goods is a collection of handmade jewellery created in fair collaboration with a team of talented silversmiths in Jaipur, India. Their sense of aesthetic blends Scandinavian minimalism with Indian craftsmanship. Every piece is entirely crafted by hand, and they know each member involved in the production process personally.

The founders of Ting Goods have traveled extensively throughout Asia, and feel deeply indebted to the people and places they have visited. It is important to them to give back a little to this part of the world. This includes creating sustainable jobs, which employ locals and allow them to work in a positive environment with fair pay. Ting Goods are convinced that fair trade and access to new markets can help change the existing unfair distribution of wealth, and create social change. They would be happy to make a small contribution towards this change.

Ting Goods also donates 5% of its annual profit to Butterflies India (www.butterflieschildrights.org), which runs several projects that take care of street kids (mainly in Delhi), and helps them to break out of the cycle of poverty.


Triangle Stone Ring

Ting Goods




Bold Necklace Brass

Ting Goods



Half Moon Earrings

Ting Goods



Flat Rhomb Bracelet

Ting Goods




Circle Stone Necklace

Ting Goods