La petite papeterie française

La Petite Papeterie Française ('The Little French Stationer's') was founded by Sylvie Bétard, a lover of all things paper, in 2012. 

Beautiful and high-quality products, well manufactured in an environmentally and socially friendly manner.

 Conceived within an enterprise aimed at raising environmental awareness, La Petite Papeterie Française brings all the requisite transparency to the production process and the origins of the designed and selected products.

 From the creation of products through to their delivery: genuine care is taken at the various stages: the responsible use of materials, functional design, an integrated logistics platform – and all locally sourced.

 It is a very important principle for PEPA to contribute to the evolution of its partners, who give meaning to this adventure.

 All rely on the workshop's aesthetic expertise in terms of both traditional and nostalgic trends, and on the fact that its production is French and meticulous.

Slow office tea
eco calendar 2019
eco wooden pencil

slow office binder


A4+ Binder - Almond

La Petite Papeterie Française



La Petite Papeterie Francaise
sustainable greeting card


'Wheat' Greeting Card

La Petite Papeterie Française



La petite papeterie francaise binder


A4+ Binder - Night

La Petite Papeterie Française